• The ultimate fully customizable V-SPEED SPEED TEST application for your website. Easy to install and ready in a few minutes. Measures bandwidth up to Gb/s. Test statistics database, advanced VoIP test and much more are available.

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  • Hundreds of thousands of people use our Android version of V-SPEED SPEED TEST. Visit Google Play and check all the functions of our app. It is a powerful mobile Internet test.

    We can build such a custom application for you

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Advanced Graphics from Gallery

See this feature in action

This feature allows you to upgrade your speed test graphic engine with no change in installation. When you are in the trial mode, you can switch between the graphic engine unlimited times. But after the trial period any change of graphics is paid according to the prices. Three graphic engines are available at the moment:

Img13    Img11    Img12

There are also graphic differences between Image Sharing look when changing the graphics engine:


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