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Mobile Applications Policy

Who we are?

V-SPEED is a company that provides a set of tools for Internet connection speed and quality measuring. We provide mobile apps that allows the user to check his connection no matter when and where he is and get the reliable results.

What information is collected by our Applications?

The applications provide information about your Internet connection: ping (network delays), download (how fast you can get data from the Internet) and upload (how fast you can send data to the Internet). The application may also obtain your public IP address and data like device, network or system information for statistical purposes.

Google services (Analytics, AdMob, AdSense)

We use unique device identifiers to personalize the content and the ads, to provide social media functions and to analyze traffic. Such identifiers and other information from your device are made available to our social media, advertisement and analytical partners. More details are available here: http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/partners/

Do the Applications collect location of your device?

The Application may collect location details of your device. The location is used for best reference server selection for the measurement and to show measurement location on the map in historical results details.

Do we share collected information with third parties?

We may share collected information (test results, device and network details, location details) with third parties for statistical purposes. Your installation and use of this product involves the collection and use of certain data by third parties, according to the terms set forth on the following third-party privacy policy: http://vsprivacy-policy.com.

How can I stop collecting information by our apps without removing them?

You can stop collecting information by our apps by disabling sending results for statistical purposes in Settings tab in our Applications. You can stop collecting location information by disabling location services in your device.

Children protecting

We do not use Applications for direct advertisements or obtain any data from devices that are used by children under the age of 13. If a parent or guardian is aware that any information has been provided without his consent, he should contact us and we remove this information in a reasonable time.

Data security

We protect your data using secure connection while obtaining information.

Contact us

In case of any questions please contact us: office@v-speed.eu

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